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How do I transfer users and permissions over?

patricksteinerpatricksteiner Posts: 2
edited March 29, 2016 2:38PM in SQL Compare 11

I can't seem to find any information on this through searches so I hoping someone has already resolved this. I have SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare, but I cannot seem to get the user permissions to copy. I can copy the logins and database users (with default passwords). How do I get the roles and permissions to come across as well? Thank you for your patience if this is a newbie question.


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    Hi Patrick,

    Firstly - permissions are copied in SQL Compare with the object that the permission relates to, not with the user. Have you been selecting the objects which the permissions relate to, or just the users?

    Secondly - there are some options which affect whether permissions are copied or not. Have a look at the Options tab in the Edit Project dialog for your project and check the ignore options 'Permissions' and 'Users' permissions and role memberships' - if one of these is turned on, your user permissions won't be copied.
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    I am having this same issue. I have checked the project options for the user permissions (under ignore) that you mention are not checked, but all I get still are just the generic logins for the users account.

    I tried syncing the changes (less the users) but it gives errors (due to the users not being in the database(s) where the objects are attempting to be created).

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