SQL Monitor 5.0.4 released

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We've released SQL Monitor 5.0.4, which you can download here.

Release notes
    SRP-9809: Changed the cap on alert emails from 1000 alerts per server within 24 hours to 30 alerts of a particular type for a particular monitored object within 24 hours. You can change the email cap via the Configuration > Email settings page SRP-9981: Suspended instances no longer appear on the Global Overview or Machine Overview pages, or in the Alert Inbox SRP-10072: Added information to the “Edit user” and “Delete user” dialog boxes to explain that: changes to user roles and access rights won't take effect until the user next logs in to SQL Monitor if you delete a user, they’ll continue to have access to SQL Monitor until they next log out SRP-10078: On the Manage Users page, the “Access rights” column now shows the grouping path where relevant SRP-10215: Performance improvements for group-related actions when monitoring 20+ groups
    SRP-8327: Custom metrics no longer change database state SRP-10151: Active Directory users who were migrated using SID history mapping can now be authenticated SRP-10157: For nodes without a SQL Server instance, the Disk space alert details page no longer shows the message "No data" in place of the Disk space used section. Instead, it simply doesn't show the Disk space used section SRP-10165: Fixed indentation on the “Select access rights” tree view list SRP-10168/SRP-10187: The Alert Inbox table is now displayed correctly for read-only users SRP-10188: The Base Monitor executable for v5.0.3 was unsigned, but it’s signed once again for v5.0.4 SRP-10196: Availability group statuses on overview pages are now updated if a server becomes unlicensed SRP-10212: Uninstalling SQL Monitor and then installing a new version no longer results in the error message “Service ‘SQL Monitor Base Monitor’ (MonitorBaseDeploymentServiceLocal) failed to start...” SRP-10213: The SQL Monitor installer no longer fails to run if the file RedGate.Response.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.exe.settings.config is missing
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