I am confused about messages from committing changes

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1. The changes may result in data loss. Add a migration script to preserve the data.
What data, where? Surely not in the database I am checking in. Doesn't committing a change to source Control just write what happened in the DB to Source.

For example if someone dropped a table, recreated it, made changes to it.. Am I correct that nothing could happen to the data in the table.

Any then I got another HIGH warning when I tried to commit. It said a column on a table has been dropped, any data in the column would be lost. That is pretty scary. If the column was removed from the table, then of course that data was removed at that time. Why is the SourceControl Commit Changes app telling me that. It should only be posting the Alter script to source control. Not making changes back to the DB. What if the column was dropped, and added back. This wording really needs to be clarified on what the commit is doing.

Medium errors. Non Standard filegroups. I would expect these warning to also be URL to launch you into the RedGate help and support to show you what exactly it is talking about and provide steps to resolve.

I just want to be sure that nothing from committing changes would ever run anything against the database it is tracking.


  • Hello,

    Sorry for the confusion with out commit warning messages you are seeing in SQL Source Control. Below is a link to how SQL Source Control works behind the scenes and should answer most of these concerns. Committing changes would never affect the local DB just the repository, so for commits it would be the repository possibly loosing data. If doing a get latest then that is where changes can happen to the localDB and that local data could be lost. So if you check in a drop table with a create for the same table someone else who does a get latest with that same operation is at risk for losing data.

    For drops and creates the data is always going to be at risk, alter statements are used by our engine whenever they can be but in some situations drop/create is all that can be figured out and that is where the warnings will appear.

    http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... the+scenes
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
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