DLM Automation Suite for Oracle 1.2.5

Data Compare for Oracle -

  • ODC-309: Population no longer fails when tables and indexes are in separate schemas

Schema Compare for Oracle -

  • OC-588: Cluster storage is now stored correctly in snapshot files

  • The authentication prompt for Git now always allows the access token to be entered for all URLs
  • Extra help information is now provided when linking to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services to create access tokens for Git

Schema Compare engine updates

  • OC-616: GRANT statements to other schemas now script after object creation
  • OC-725: GRANT REFERENCES now come before referencing object when comparing multiple schemas
  • OC-802: Index type population no longer fails due to unpopulated operators
  • OSC-588: String literals escaped with q' or table definitions containing q' no longer fail to parse
  • Using the non-default option "dependent options in other schemas" no longer hangs during population

  • Table: Support in memory options on partitions
  • Table: Support new compression options
  • Index: Support for Unusable option on partitions and subpartitions


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