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Command Line behavior is different than the UI

PatriceVBPatriceVB Posts: 3
edited December 8, 2015 8:56AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I'm implementing a Continuous Integration process thanks to the SQL Compare command line. It was working successfully since the last few days and now I'm experiencing a strange behavior.

I'm updating a CI Database thanks to a script folder thanks to the following command line :
"C:Program Files (x86)Red GateSQL Compare 10SQLCompare.exe" /scripts1:
C:Builds5593DuoNET-2014DuoNET-IntegrationTestssrcsprint10SQLDuoClient /s
erver2:TESTSRV /db2:DuoClient19960013CI /u2:xx /p2:xx /include:Identic
al /sync 1>>"C:CIlogGetLatest.txt"

I'm having this error : Error: Synchronization of 'Scripts.DuoClient' and 'TESTSRV.DuoClient19960013CI'
failed: Invalid object name 'dbo.vAdressesIndivs'.

But when I'm doing the exact same comparison from the UI (from the same script folder and to the same database, with the same credentials) I can see that I have no differences between my script folder and my database.

Do you have any idea about why I'm experiencing this behavior ?

Do SQL Compare have a cache that can be corrupted ?


Patrice Lamarche


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