Option gone for shared database?

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We use GIT internally and I recently upgraded to sql source control 4. I followed the instructions for unlinking and then linking again.....however it set the development model to dedicated and I can't find a place to change it back to shared. Please assist.


  • Hey acrawford,

    Thanks for posting!
    You can change the development model by unlinking and relinking, during the relink make sure to set the development model to shared.
    Prior to unlinking, make sure you commit all items that you would like to commit, then do the unlink and relink.

    I have also followed up with you via email in case you have any further questions or issues.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • acrawfordacrawford Posts: 13 Bronze 2
    Thanks for the reply but I don't see that option when relinking and after the link is made it can't be changed. What am I missing?
  • Hey Acrawford,

    Thanks for the update and sorry about that!
    I did not realize it initially but GIT can only be used in Dedicated mode.
    This is because it assumes that you will be working with other teammates who will be committing to the remote repository while you commit and get from your local working folder/repository (then push the changes up to the remote server).

    Working in Dedicated mode just allows you to Get from the local repository and Pull from the remote repository- in Shared you would not have that option.

    Is there any reason why you would not want to have that capability?

    Warm Regards,
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  • Andrew,

    We also need the option in Shared database in git to push changes from the developer's local git repository to the database.

    We are currently working on a database that is shared by developers and would like to have the "Get Latest" tab working for the shared database so a developer can push his git repository changes to the database.

    Please implement this feature soon.
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