Server Groups with only 1 Server

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We upgraded to SQL Monitor 5.

Our server groups now only have 1 server in each of them. Anyone else had this issue?

I can click down to servers from the Overview page. But the Monitored Servers group on the left only has one server in each.

Anyone else had this issue?


  • Yes, its not just you, this is another thing not working in this version! :roll:

    It's not possible to view them all in the config screen either.

    really poor release that hasn't been tested properly. :x
  • How does this sort of stuff get past Q&A!

    Have since been told after logging a case that "Unfortunately this one is a known issue in 5.0.2 "

    If it's a know issue then perhaps this release should be pulled until later, or at least advise customer of possible issues.
  • Hi all,

    Usually when we say it's a known issue in support it will be due to it having been reported already - if something like this had been known before the release I believe it would have been delayed. Having said that the group regression has been fixed in version 5.0.3 as well as improving performance issues some users were seeing.

    You can download it here: ... 3.1858.exe

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