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Snippet Repository resetting to default

aaronwolf09aaronwolf09 Posts: 2
edited December 2, 2015 9:01AM in SQL Prompt
My Snippet Repository keeps resetting back to the default one on my C: drive. I have set up a network folder to hold these for our group to share and copied all of the defaults into that folder along with another dozen we have setup. I haven't figured out why, but my default folder keeps getting reset to the default folder on my C: drive instead of staying the network folder. I never go into that screen except when the new snippets stop working so I can set it back to the network folder, so I'm not accidently clicking the restore button. It also doesn't happen during an upgrade as I just upgraded to the latest beta version today and it stayed the network folder. I do take my laptop home with me so the folder is no longer accessible, would that cause it to automatically reset back to the default folder? Has anyone else experienced this and have a solution?



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    Hi Aaron

    If the network folder is unavailable when SQL Prompt starts up then it will revert to using its default snippets folder.

    We've had a few customers successfully share their snippets in a source controlled location, like a Git or Mercurial repository. Another option is to store your snippets folder in a synchronised location, such as a Dropbox or OneDrive folder. These may be better solutions if your network share is not consistently available.

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