Can you configure a quiet time or black out time for monitor

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My instance of SQL Server is on a VM, the network guy uses Veeam every Sunday to take a snapshot of the server and ship it to our backup location. This causes a whole slue of errors to spew out of SQL Monitor. I can safely ignore them when I know it is Veeam causing them but at any other time I would want to know those errors are happening. For this reason I don't want to disable them but it is real annoying to get a dozen High priority alerts at 1 AM Sunday morning. Is there a way to setup a Quiet Time when the monitoring service would stop sending emails, or the alerts would not trigger or something of that sort. Thanks.


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    crimdoncrimdon Posts: 54 Bronze 3
    I use the maintenance window for this sort of thing. You can set it in Configuration/Monitored Servers

    I know I get a lot of blocks when I'm maintaining indexes etc so it seemed pointless having the same messages every night.
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    Just what I was looking for, I just could not find it. Thanks so much for the help.
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