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Debugging .NET assemblies

omheienomheien Posts: 29
edited December 1, 2015 10:52AM in .NET Reflector Previous Versions
Hi all
I have created an Application that tests the System.Data.DataTable class. I want to be able to run in debugger and follow the code in the .NET Assembly. I then pointed to cursor to the DataTable class and pressed F12. The deassembled code shows and I can set breakpoints. Running the app and it breaks as expected.
Then I opened the Options in Visual Studio, navigated to the "Debugger" area and found a check saying "Enable .NET Framework Source stepping". I have never seen that before so I thought, hmm, that I have to test. Then Visual Studio started to download some stuff and after a while VS was happy and I was back in my code.
Problem is that now I cannot trace the .NET code anymore. I then, in a desperate hope, I unchecked the previous mentioned checkmark, but no Luck :-(
Im not able to run .NET assemblies in debugmode anymore.


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