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Debug an EXE

richard_2btruerichard_2btrue Posts: 2
edited December 2, 2015 11:20AM in .NET Reflector Previous Versions
In Visual Studio 2010 on .NET Reflector 9 menu I have used Debug an executable.
Then Generate PDB and selected the assemblies of interest and continue to regenerate.
I restarted the EXE so that the app uses the DEVPATH to locate the regenerated versions.

Now I try to find the assemblies in Object Browsers for debugging but I can't find them.
Please advise how to debug here thanks.


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    Hi Richard,

    As discussed in our ticket the behaviour of this is a little counter-intuitive. For the purposes of informing others:

    The Reflector browser will only show references of the currently owned project. So if you're debugging and no project is open, nothing will show.

    I realise it's a little counter-intuitive, but create a dummy project/console application in VS, and add references to the dll's and they should then show in the reflector browser. I've attached a word document which I hope will explain this a little more!
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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