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Smart Rename - Schema change error

ptraceyptracey Posts: 3
edited November 25, 2015 5:39AM in SQL Prompt
I am using the smart rename feature. It works fine until I try and change the schema for a table.

It generates code like:
EXEC sp_changeobjectowner N'[dbo].[FRED]',N'NewSchema'

but this always returns:
Database principal or schema 'NewSchema' does not exist in this database

The new schema exists, as I previously ran:
And it appears in a list when I run
"SELECT name FROM sys.schemas"


  • OK, I have solved the problem. My database was in SQL 2000 compatibility mode. This was intentional, due to some non-ANSI joins, but I had forgotten. I would still have expected this tool to recognise this fact and generate a working script, or at least alert me to this, but, anyway, problem solved.

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