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Table mappings

tom.faulknertom.faulkner Posts: 4
edited November 24, 2015 4:32AM in SQL Compare 11
I'm trialling v11 before updating from 9 and one key feature I require is the comparison of tables and columns that have changed name.

Upon a test, I'm getting odd behaviour.

I've set the table mappings so the renamed tables and columns are known about, some of these are still marked as partial because the renamed table also has a new field that isn't in the source - I don't expect this to cause any problems.

When I then go through to run the sync, I get warnings:

Severity: High
Object: t_TableB
Title: Column [TableAID] on table [dbo].[t_TableB] could not be matched to a column in the source table. The data in this column will be lost.

Double checking the mappings, and there certainly are mappings for the fields listed in the warning.

Any Clues ?



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