SQL Monitor 5 adding monitored servers issue

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Hi there,

Since there is no forum for SQL Monitor 5 I am posting this here.

I just upgraded to SQL Monitor 5 and am having issues adding monitored servers. During the installation it did complain about the RedGateMonitor db version being higher even though it was for a previous version of SQL Monitor, although I overcame that by creating a new db for SQL monitor 5. However, now I am unable to add any monitored SQL Servers.

We have an SQL server 2014 AlwaysOn availability group deployment with 2 availability group replicas. I have tried adding the cluster name which after attempting to connect for a while results in a "Network path not found" error. Attempting to add an AG replica node ends up resolving to the cluster name and get the same result as the previous test. Using the AG listener name also results in the same error.

Could you please return back with a solution as we are unable to use SQL Monitor anymore.



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    Another thing to note is that this set up is in Azure and currently I am unable to ping the AG Listener or the SQL cluster
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    Can this please be looked into as this is fairly critical.
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    It seems that there are two problems.

    1. If you are running the latest "non full release" of sql monitor (in my case, which fixed a log out bug) you need to alter the database to get the install to work (make it think it is running the previous full release). The SQL I was given by support is:


    DROP PROC [settings].[SetKeyValuePair]

    DELETE FROM versioning.SchemaVersionHistory
    WHERE SchemaVersion IN ( 'Seq95', 'Seq96' )


    Needless to say backup your database FIRST, and disable the SQL Monitor service whist you are doing the change. You can then install the update (don't access the website until afterwards or it will upgrade to the unsupported version again!).

    2. Once I installed the update I discovered that SQL Mon 5 actually requires .Net 4.0.2 not .NET 4. There is a patch at http://blogs.technet.com/b/mdegre/archi ... ntent.aspx. Again provided by support.

    The above is given as a help to the community; it was advice given by Dan from redgate support. So I take no responsibility for it!
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    Thanks for your feedback jchorlton, although this does not address my issue regarding adding monitored servers.

    At this stage, I will have to revert back to the previous version of SQL monitor because it doesn't seem like SQL monitor 5 is usable for me as I cannot ping the AG listener internal load balancer in Azure.
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