Dropping a user is a potentially dangerous operation.

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I've setup our automated deployment to promote our code from Dev to Live, at present we nly want to synchronise the following:
    -Store procedures

    All goes well until we get to Octopus deploy that is correctly pickup up the artifact and run SQL release to get the changes that will be promoted to our UAT. We have deliberately not checked in users as we don't want our deployment solution setting up users on our Test and Prod environment. When the compare engine runs it is comparing the uses and trying to drop them from UAT because it releases they don't exists. I've tried all the command line options on https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SC11/Options+used+in+the+command+line but none have had the desired effect. I know you can do this on the SQL Compare front end but I can't figure out how to get release to behave in the same way.

    Many Thanks


    • Hi Ian,

      You should be able to create a filter file that excludes users and use this filter with SQL Release. Here's the documentation page which details how to do this - https://documentation.red-gate.com/disp ... QL+Release

      I hope this helps.
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    • Hi Robert

      I've ready through the link you sent but according to the web page it said:
      When generating an update script and in pre- and post- deployment checks, SQL Release will apply filters you've specified in SQL Source Control.
      The -Source schema (such as a scripts folder or NuGet package) may include a Filter.scpf file that contains filters to exclude or include certain objects in the database. These are the same set of filters you've specified in SQL Source Control.

      The code we have checked into TFS was through the Redgate SQL SourceControl addin and a Filters file is present in our NuGet package, my understanding was the options I selected in SourceControl would influence what objects are actually compared in SQL release. We don't want have to setup a separate filter file otherwise filter options we change SourceControl wont automatically take affect.

    • Hi Ian,

      I'm going to create a support ticket for you. You should receive an email shortly.
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