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monitor Specific Instances - how?

teriborlteriborl Posts: 5
edited November 13, 2015 6:42AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
I have just installed the SQL Monitor 5, and was eagerly adding servers to monitor when I hit a bit of a snag.
On ServerB I have 2 instances installed, InstanceA is no longer in use, and is offline ready to be uninstalled at some point in the future. InstanceB is fully functional. I only want to add InstanceB

Click "add sql server", when I want to add server. it appears I can only add the whole server (both instances) because when I specify ServerBInstanceA, I get an error saying it is an invalid server name.
The same is for wanting to only add the default instance, I am unable to specify it, as all instances will be added.

I have SQL Monitor 4 running and it is quite happy for me to specify instances I want to add, not so much with SQL monitor 5.

Does anyone have a suggestion, or am I doing something wrong?



  • Hi teriborl,

    In SQL Monitor v5 it will now auto detect all instances on a machine and also whether the machine is a part of a cluster and add all elements that are connected. The documentation (under step 3) indicates this is now the behaviour and that you should just go to Actions > Suspend Monitoring to stop monitoring a specific instance.

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