Unsupported URL Protocol when pushing to git repository

khuberkhuber Posts: 2
I just started using SQL Source Control, and it is mostly working with my git repo.

I am able to:
1. Select a database and link it to a local folder with an associated remote git repo.
2. Auto-discover database objects
3. Auto-create the commit

However I was not able to Push the commit to the remote repository or retrieve from repository.

The error I'm receiving is "Unsupported URL Protocol"

I'm guessing this is happening because we are using git's ssh protocol ([url=ssh://[email protected]:#]ssh://[email protected]:#[/url]###/asdf/asdf.git) with RSA auth. I am able to push the commit using git bash, just not the SQL Source Control Push button.

Is this supported by SQL Source Control and are there any config changes I can make to get this working?


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