Error installing/upgrading SQL Monitor 5

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I just downloaded the update. The filename is "SQLMonitorWeb_5.0.0.1264.exe". When I run it I get this error:

This database has been created by a later version of SQL Monitor, and is incompatible with this version."

Checking my SQL Monitor About page says I'm on 64-bit.

Is there a problem with the installer or do I have the wrong one?


  • DonFergusonDonFerguson San Diego, CAPosts: 151 Silver 3
    I too am running I am interested in upgrading to version 5, but it seems that there may be an issue going from v4.3 to v5 with the upgrader. Support, please post a fix for this, or correct the upgrader so that it works.
  • sshannysshanny Posts: 18 Bronze 2
    We too are having the same issue. I don't want to lose historical data. When can we expect an install package that supports a seamless upgrade?
  • Hi all,

    There is an issue upgrading from V4.3 to V5 and you will need to run a small script to make SQL Monitor think it's on v4.2 before upgrading to V5. Please see the script in the post here: viewtopic.php?f=197&t=79074

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  • DonFergusonDonFerguson San Diego, CAPosts: 151 Silver 3
    Thank you Alex. Support in fact provided my with the same script when I opened a direct case with them. While this is viable work around that worked for me, I feel that this issue should be resolved in the next release of SQL Monitor v5 installer.
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