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Incorrect field attributes v7.0.0.52

Jeff NewswangerJeff Newswanger Posts: 4
edited November 2, 2015 8:46AM in SQL Prompt
I'm not exactly sure if this is for SQL Prompt or not as I'm new to Redgate but I found this while creating a new table in a data warehouse from the query and hovering over field name to get its data type. The field type in the pop up box after hovering over field name in query shows that the field is nullable however the actual field in the database is not nullable.

Anybody else run into this? Sorry if its been posted... Searched with no success.


  • Hi Jeff,

    What version of SQL Server are you running this against? Is the data warehouse running a specific edition of SQL Server?

    Best regards,

  • It is SQL Server 2014 running SSMS 12.0.2000.8

    Edit: Sorry I was mistaken. It is Windows 2008 R2 Running SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition Version 11.0.5556.
  • Hi Jeff,

    Does this happen before you execute the creation script? Is it incorrect for all of the non-nullable columns in that table?

    And just to make sure, does the tooltip look like this:


    Best regards,

  • Hi David,

    Yes the tool tip does look like that. I have been unable to recreate this since the original. I only saw it for the one column but since I haven't been able to recreate, I cannot tell when it is happening and whether or not it is the entire table or just that column.

    It isn't actually happening when I create the tables, this is our ERP tables so they are already created.

    I'm just wondering if this was a freak thing.

    Top one is looking at table, second is query



  • Hi Jeff,

    Very strange. If SQL Prompt isn't guessing the nullability from CREATE statements in the same script, it gets the data straight out of SQL Server.

    Could there be a chance that you refreshed SQL Prompt's cache after someone had made a nullability change on that column, but not refreshed SSMS's object explorer, so that there was a difference?

    Best regards,

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