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edited October 22, 2015 3:16AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
I'm currently say observing the RedGate.Response.Enging.Alerting.Base.Service.exe climb in its memory usage, (now currently say at 16.5GB used)

The monitored servers are all still connected and nothing appears to have changed in the environment,

disk response time is between 0 and 10 ms
currently running 70 threads (10-40% usage)
database file has 15GB of free space
nothing in the sql errorlog

I've tried restarting the service but it gets back to the same levels quite quickly

It does appear to be trying to maintain itself, it drops down a few gig every so often, but it does appear to be growing faster than it is shrinking

Any ideas with what is going on here and any potential fixes?

Thanks in advance


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