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I see the text Unknown in the Last Changed By column. According to the touble shooting docs'thavepermissiontoaccessthedefaulttrace
Users need the ALTER TRACE and VIEW SERVER STATE permissions to access the default trace. To add these permissions, your system administrator needs to go to each user's login (Security > Logins on the server level) and enable them under Securables.

Our DBAs gave those permissions to my account and it does not work. If our DBAs give my user account sysadmin privs, then I can see a name in Last Changed By column. We tested by adding the correct roles and refreshing the view under "Commit Changes" and it shows Unknown. Then they added sysadmin to my account, I refreshed and the Last Changed By was populated.

Are the docs wrong? Is there another permission that the user needs that is included in sysadmin but missing from the docs?

Running SQL Server 2008 r2


  • Hello,

    Sorry for the issue you are having with SQL Source Control. The one catch is if there is a permission that your DBA's have setup in addition to the normal for the default trace than the permissions we list will not be enough. Those are enough for a standard install and setup, that's how I have my test VM setup and it works correctly. It could be some restriction in your environment is requiring the sysadmin rights.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
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