TFS - Server Migration

We're in the late stages of planning a TFS Server migration.

Unfortunately, we're migrating from TFS 2008 to TFS 2013. This means that, as part of the upgrade, the concept of Team Project Collections comes into existence (we're also moving to a different server and introducing a DNS alias to make future upgrades easier) - so the existing TFS URLs will not be valid.

Every developer who's using SQL Source Control has a number of databases linked - sometimes 1 or 2, but sometimes over 30. So far as I'm aware, the TFS server settings seem to be kept on a per-database level. This looks like a lot of unlinking and relinking, to me.

So, is there some easy way to update all the settings on a user's machine to change the TFS connection information from http://oldtfsserver:8080/ to http://newtfsalias:8080/DefaultCollection/?

We're maintaining the TFS Server identity so, once they're looking at the correct server, all existing workspace mappings will still be valid.




  • Hello,

    Thanks for your question on migrating SQL Source Control to a new TFS server. The file "LinkedDatabases.xml" locate at "%localappdata%Red GateSQL Source Control 3" contains the url for every linked DB on the users login. You could try manually updating this instead of relinking but there could be issues depending on specifics to your environment. I would test it out with a couple of test DB's and see what happens. We do recommend relinking so everything gets setup on the new server the standard method.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
  • Thanks.

    I'm just performing another practice migration and will attempt the manual edit to verify it works as expected.

    I've got to communicate this out to 30 or so developers so will offer them both options, if the manual edit works for me.
  • And, I can now confirm the Find & Replace in the text file using Notepad did the job perfectly well.
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