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Generate data for specific columns

sanderstadsanderstad Posts: 3
edited October 21, 2015 9:16AM in SQL Data Generator
I have several tables where I'd like to keep the data from specific columns.

In the Data Generator I can select the option to use an existing data source to copy the contents of an entire table but I can't adjust any columns afterwards for specific wishes.
If I want to be able to generate data for a table I can select the data from another database/table to fill the column. This is a lot of work because I have several columns which I'd like to copy the content from.

Isn't there an option to just generate new data for a specific set of columns instead of the entire table?


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    If you are using a table as an existing data source then it's possible to adjust the columns afterwards. Click on the column that you wish to change and you can assign a new generator from the dropdown menu in the top pane.

    Here's a page in our documentation that deals with masking sensitive data, which is not quite what you are doing but it deals with the same thing - i.e. using an existing data source but replacing some of the columns. http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... ata+source

    I hope this helps.
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