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Integrating assemblies not automatically detected.

StesmiStesmi Posts: 2
edited October 28, 2015 11:44AM in SmartAssembly

We are currently evaluating SmartAssembly and have a need to integrate assemblies that it has not automatically detected.

The main assembly has a reference to the other assemblies but is not instantiating them (nor is anything else) - I am assuming that is why SA is not adding them to the list of assemblies to merge or integrate.

Is it possible to override this behavior so that even referenced but unused assemblies are used?

We have our own IoC implementation that handles instantiating everything where needed.

It feels odd to have to instantiate a class in each assembly for the simple reason of getting it integrated, but worst case that is what we will have to do.

Or is this covered somewhere already? I was unable to find it.

Thanx for the help

// Stefan


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