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Failed to resolve object of type Sequence during deserializa

njkroesnjkroes Posts: 5
edited October 9, 2015 3:42PM in SQL Dependency Tracker
When trying to open a saved Dependency Tracker project, I get the following error:
A problem occurred whilst loading your project:

Failed to resolve object of type Sequence during deserialization. Owner: 'Schema'; name 'SequenceName'.

The database that I have set this up against does have a Sequence. However during the initial setup of the project, I imported just tables. In the options, I have deselected "Add objects that the selected objects are used by" and "Add external and unresolved references".

Is there a workaround to this issue? I would prefer to not have to rebuild my diagram every time I want to view it.



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    Thanks for posting and sorry you are having this issue!
    If you could send in the error report with your email address attached that would be amazing :D

    Also I have followed up with you via email to resolve this error, and get Dependency tracker working for you!

    Andrew Pierce
    Product Support Engineer
    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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    Hey Andrew,

    Unfortunately, this is not the typical error dialog that gives you the option to send in a report. It's just a dialog box.

    I'll open up a separate support ticket and attach a screenshot.

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