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How to Export Aliases

EdCardenEdCarden Posts: 137 Silver 2
edited September 28, 2015 5:17AM in SQL Prompt
I am transitioning to a new workstation and hitting EXPORT on the SQL Prompt Options dialog does not include any custom ALIASES one has setup so how do I copy those to my new WS?


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    Hi EdCarden,

    As a workaround, the aliases are stored in the RedGate_SqlPrompt_Engine_EngineOptions.xml file in %localappdata%Red GateSQL Prompt 7. If you copy this from your old PC to your new one (to the same location), you'll have all the custom aliases set up.

    We can reproduce this here and are looking into it. It seems there's possibly an error when importing, as it looks like the aliases are being exported correctly.

    Please let me know if this sorts out the problem.

    Best regards,

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