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Source Control for Oracle -

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited September 23, 2015 10:58AM in Source Control for Oracle
Source Control for Oracle -

  • "Include storage" options are now available in the project options
  • OSC-573, OSC-581: make sure TFS 2013 connection issues (with build agents) don't reoccur
  • You must now commit changes to comparison options before committing changes to other objects. Previously, when you changed your comparison options as well as making changes to other objects, you could only commit the updated comparison options and not the other changes.

Schema Compare Engine

  • Table: ROW ARCHIVAL clause
  • Table: DEFAULT ON NULL clause
  • Table: EVALUATE USING clause
  • Table: UNUSABLE EDITIONS clause
  • Table: ENCRYPT clause
  • New option: Include compression
  • New option: Include extents
  • New option: Include INITRANS
  • New option: Include lobs
  • New option: Include logging
  • New option: Include PCTFREE
  • New option: Include tablespaces and partitioning
  • Support modifying types referenced by another type
  • Improve population speed by reducing unused population
  • Comments between WITH CHECK OPTION and ; in view definition no longer affect constraint population when reading from script files
  • Differences in newline format are no longer identified as differences (eg /n is equivalent to /r/n)
  • Comments within CHECK constraints are included when reading from script files
  • Multi-column constraints no longer fail to parse when reading from script files
  • OC-783: Column rename detection option can now be completely turned off
  • Upgraded third party library to get the latest bug fixes, including:
  • Negative numbers no longer become positive when being read in x64 mode under .NET 4.6
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