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General Warnings rant

NiallNiall Posts: 36 Bronze 1
edited September 23, 2015 10:56AM in SQL Compare 11
Since we started using SQL Compare, which generally works well enough I have been inundated each time I do a new compare with some daft 'Warnings'

1. A Schema being owned by a user that is created without login is not a bad thing (objectively), personally I don't like schema owners to have a login as I have an inkling it may have improve security. Red-Gate seems to think a user created without login is in fact a 'Corrupt Login'. This is an issue when teaching folk how to use the tool as at the moment we get lots of daft warnings abut things that are in my opinion (so subjectively) good practice.

2. Non standard file groups. I dislike PRIMARY and don't even put non partitioned tables/indexes/whatever in it, having tiered disks - ie slow, medium and fast we tend to try and put the right thing on the right disk so have lots of filegroups, the only thing that goes in primary in fact is the stuff MS insists on sticking in the default filegroup. For the bigger stuff where it is partitioned it would be insane to stick all the partitions in PRIMARY, so please either allow me to turn off this warning or accept that using filegroups other than PRIMARY is not something that is implicitly bad.

I am sure there are other 'warnings' I wouldn't like but as I stopped reading the warnings years ago I don't notice them.


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