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edited December 30, 2016 2:45PM in SQL Prompt
Simple update statement on a single table, no joins, etc.

SQL Prompt underlines and refuses to validate columns "Comment", "InventoryID" and "StatusID".
It states, "The column X could not be resolved as a column with that name exists in multiple tables."
Those column names do exist in other tables in the database. First I've seen this error. I just updated from to today.

    UPDATE  [InventoryHeader]
    SET     [StatusID] = 3,
            [PostedBy] = @PDSID,
            [PostedDate] = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
            [Comment] = ISNULL(@Comment, [Comment])
    FROM    [InventoryHeader]
    WHERE   [StatusID] = 2
            AND [InventoryID] = @InventoryID;


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