Sql Data Compare - Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint

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How do I get rid of the violation of primary key for a job that synchronizes the transactional database to a backup database?


  • Hi Malennavata,

    Thanks for your post.

    Can you please let me know the exact error you are getting?

    And also the version of SQL Data Compare you are using? (Help --> About SQL Data Compare)
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  • Hi redgate,

    I'm getting the same error while synchronising DB from one server to another using SQL Data Compare 11.

    Can anyone help me out with this?

  • There are quite a few reasons why Data Compare could try to violate a primary key: for example, the product enforces uniqueness of your comparison key which defaults to the primary key, but you can set it to something else if you know how your rows should be distinguished from each other.

    Some detailed information would be useful to help understand why Data Compare is not behaving as you expected.
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