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How to easily test SQL Codes online and share them with othe

happy1001happy1001 Posts: 5
edited September 15, 2015 11:32AM in SQL Doc
I am looking for some online service like - SQL Fiddle - but with better features. SQL Fiddle limits the database size to a small sample and does not have any proper user features to manage the fiddles systematically "like having a method of proper tags or comments about each fiddle etc."

It should allow me to quickly create a demo database online and then experiment with various queries on it. I did some searching online and found that there are quite a lot of such services available, like - ... ring-tools

But it is not possible for me to manually tryout all of them. So I was looking for some tried and tested solution, which is already being used by a lot of users here.

Please suggest the best options in this regards, from your own experience.

Thanks a lot


  • Hello Happy1001,

    Thanks for your post! Hopefully someone who knows of a similar product can help, as there is currently no Red Gate product for this particular use case.

    We do have a tool- SQL Prompt, that will help autocomplete and format your code so that you can work quickly and with fewer errors. You can also create and share sql code snippets with the developer community, which can help streamline common queries.

    Here is the product Page: ... ql-prompt/
    Documentation: ... ur+queries
    and the Snippet forum: viewforum.php?f=59

    I will follow up with you via email in case you have any further questions.

    Again, if anyone else has a good program to quickly create a demo databases online and then experiment with queries please post below!

    Best Regards,

    Andrew Pierce
    Product Support Engineer
    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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