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SQL Compare combined with Data Compare?

gavin.burkegavin.burke Posts: 2
edited September 14, 2015 4:26AM in SQL Compare 11
Hi, I was wondering if comparing the schema and data together is possible? We use SQL Compare here for comparing schemas and SQL Data Compare when we need data going across but I'm frequently finding that neither are singularly fit for purpose when it comes to changes to columns that already has data in.

For example, we had a few fields that moved from one table to the other so I had to script out the new table first, then script out the data move, then script out removing the old columns, so three scripts from the two tools. Is there a way I can just tell SQL Compare, or SQL Data Compare, "this column here needs the data from over here after you've created the new column but before you drop the old column"??


P.S. I'm not the developer here so I expect the best answer would be for them to create a migration script but that seems beyond their efforts!!


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