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Disable snippets

scollisscollis Posts: 24 Bronze 2
edited September 9, 2015 7:30AM in SQL Prompt
I don't use snippets and they clutter both the suggestions menu as well as provide a distracting drop down on the left as I'm typing.
Is there any way to turn this feature off or do I need to downgrade back to SQL Prompt 6?


  • Hi

    You can stop snippets being suggested by replacing the default snippets folder with an empty folder.

    To do this, inside SSMS or VS go to SQL Prompt > Snippet Manager then change the path of the snippets folder to any empty folder (I just created a new folder at the same level as the default 'Snippets' folder, called 'NoSnippets' and used that).

  • Hi

    I just reread your question and realised you were probably talking about the actions list popup rather than snippet suggestions.

    It is possible to disable the actions list, there are instructions in this thread for how to do that here.

    We are considering exposing this option in the UI in future. The downside to disabling it is that you'll lose some functionality that only exists in the actions lists such as "add quotes and commas" and "unformat".

  • scollisscollis Posts: 24 Bronze 2
    Thanks for that - yes it's the actions list that distracts me.

    I never actually use it so I really won't miss the functionality I don't think :)

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