Ability to fire post-commit hooks?

jnkylejnkyle Posts: 2
edited September 15, 2015 10:08AM in SQL Source Control Previous Versions
I'm using SSC 3 with SVN. One thing we would LIKE to have is the ability to pull the committed version from SVN right back into the DB once it commits. The reason for this is we have some hooks in our SVN server that will auto-populate some data in the header comment (like the revision, name of the person doing the checkin, name and path of the file, and the date of the checkin). This is very valuable for us to very quickly determine what version of a file is on a specific server or database.

Currently we do this with powershell, so I am open to having a process I can fire after the checkin using custom script. Is this doable with SSC 3?


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