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SQL Prompt tab history is slow

SQLUser4711SQLUser4711 Posts: 8
edited September 8, 2015 11:07AM in SQL Prompt

I'm using the tab history of SQL Prompt I'm only using "open tabs" of Tab history. I have 17 tabs open and it took round about 20 seconds until I got a result. The size of #APPDATA#LocalRed GateSQL Prompt 6SavedTabs.db has grown to nearly 500MB in the last 7 months. After the deletion of lots of data from "All tabs" the file size is 15 MB and the performance is good.

Does better way to improve the performance of the "open tabs" search exists?



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    Hi Roland

    If the slowdown was caused by the number of tabs in your history then clearing them out like you did was the best approach available at the minute.
    We’re going to look into improving this situation. One possibility is optimising the search functionality.

    Another is to include an option that automatically deletes tabs that are over a certain age (tabs older one month, for example). Does that sound like it’d work for you?

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    Hello Ali,

    if the search in open tabs would be independent of the total amount of saved tabs would be nice. I'm using open tabs only ;) If the automatic deletion is the solution for a better performance, is fine for me.

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