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DCO.exe include regex doesnt work?

filip@baroch.czfilip@baroch.cz Posts: 3
edited September 3, 2015 11:35AM in Data Compare for Oracle
Dear all,
we have troubles with dco2.exe with /include:table switch.

We have tables named with pattern EDA_T*, i.e. EDA_TCOMMODITY, EDA_TUNIT etc... When we include EDA_T as pattern into commandline switch, all these tables are still exluded from the comparison. We tried other standard regexs such EDA_.*, ^^EDA_.,* ^EDA_.*$ ...but without success.

This is our commadline "c:Program FilesRed GateData Compare for Oracle 2DCO.exe" /source:xeniftest/s@localhost/xe{XENIFTEST} /target:DALCOMPPROD_FB/fb@srv-db04.cygni.local/db04{DALCOMPPROD_FB} /report:report.html /reporttype:HTML /verbose /overwritereports /log:Verbose /include:table:EDA_T

Tool version is, 64-bit.

Can you please provide me some doc or better explantion what is wrong?

Any help will be appreciated?

Best regards
Filip Baroch


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