DBCC CheckIndent is scripted out during update only

I have had found it necessary to run a compare and only generate scripts for rows that exist in both DB's but are different, or in other words, just the UPDATE statements; I accomplish this by unchecking the 2 columns containing extra and missing rows and go through the synch wizard and save the script; The updates are generated just find, however the code that resets the identity is also generated:
DBCC CHECKIDENT('table', RESEED, 999999999)
It would seem to me that this code should only be included when the INSERT statements are scripted out.


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    Thanks for your post.

    There might be differences in the source and target identity values, even if the key used for comparison matches. If you have to option to 'reseed identity values' set, then this would be a situation where the code would be necessary, even if the script is only used to update existing rows.

    I hope this is helpful.
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