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Minor bug with Shift-F5

eklein@ahd.comeklein@ahd.com Posts: 17 Bronze 2
edited August 28, 2015 10:13AM in SQL Prompt
the following query
 SELECT  COUNT(*) AS occurs
      , dt2.sheet_g
                  , Ed_sandbox.dbo.strconcat(RTRIM(dt.fld_name)) AS sheet_g
          FROM      ( SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT
                              , fld_name
                      FROM      cell_data
                      WHERE     ( fld_name IN ( 'E00A_59-1', 'E301_18-1',
                                                'E302_31-1', 'E303_32-1',
                                                'E304_22-1', 'E305_30-1',
                                                'E306_15-1', 'E307_40-1' ) )
                                AND ( component LIKE '__18' )
                      GROUP BY  RPT_REC_NUM
                              , fld_name
                      ORDER BY  RPT_REC_NUM
                              , fld_name
                    ) dt
          GROUP BY  dt.RPT_REC_NUM
        ) dt2
GROUP BY sheet_g
ORDER BY sheet_g;

will run and gives the results I expect. Sql Prompt can format it, but the Shift-F5 feature fails without highlighting any issue
Not a big deal; Select and F5 works fine, Just thought it might be indicative of a bigger issue you should be aware of


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Thanks for letting us know - unfortunately we're having difficulty recreating the issue here.

    If you open a new query window with just that statement in and run shift+F5 does it work for you? I'm wondering if there might have been an error in the preceding statement which stopped it from being executed.

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    Yes that could very well be the case. Sorry to inconvenience you. When you get that situation, (failure without an identified error) you might want to issue a different error message suggesting an error in the proceeding/following code. I'm sure I am not the first to think Sql prompt was the problem, when it was really my code that was faulty.
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