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Getting .Net SqlClient Data Provider calls from redgate tool

mbourgonmbourgon Posts: 32 Bronze 2
edited September 15, 2015 11:00AM in SQL Compare 11
Howdy. Would like to request that y'all change one of the SQL Source Control/SQL Compare connection strings so that the application name shows up properly.

I ran a trace, and during it had a coworker run a SQL Compare scan. He also has SQL Source Control installed. The SQL Compare showed up properly in the trace: (Red Gate Software - SQL Tools)

However, for the following call, the application name shows up as ".Net SqlClient Data Provider", which is the generic name SQL Server uses if there's nothing in the connection string.

Can I please get that changed so that it shows as "Red Gate Software - SQL Tools" too, please?

Code called:
SELECT revisions.value AS Revision, scripts.value AS ScriptsLocation, migrations.value AS MigrationScriptsLocation
                    FROM [ERXPAD].sys.extended_properties AS revisions
                    JOIN [ERXPAD].sys.extended_properties AS migrations
                    ON migrations.minor_id = revisions.major_id
                    JOIN [ERXPAD].sys.extended_properties AS scripts
                    ON revisions.minor_id = scripts.minor_id
                    WHERE revisions.name = 'SQLSourceControl Database Revision'
                    AND migrations.name = 'SQLSourceControl Migration Scripts Location'
                    AND scripts.name = 'SQLSourceControl Scripts Location';


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