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Does this new locking object feature works only on a shared database or why can't I find it in the context menu in on my local db?

If yes it
    - seems to be a very limited change for a whole version update (from 3.x to 4.x) - is a very basic feature of the shared code model so I wonder a little bit that it was not implemented yet - should be documented in the blogs / web pages that praises this feature is only for shared databases (do we dedicated users get something new except some bugfixes?) - should be applied to the dedicated db model too (I have no problem to specify a central server / authentications (could be saved in SVN (prefered) or locally (easier because you could have several DBs with diverent respositories on one PC)), where you could store the locking informations either in master or a dedicated database)

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    Thank you for your forum post and sorry for the delay in reply.

    I can confirm that the locking feature only works for those users who use the 'Shared Database' model.

    I will request that the SQL Source Control Product Manager update this post in regards to reasons behind the whole version upgrade and the other points you have have raised.

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  • Hi Samot,

    Yes, object locking can be used on a dedicated database. Are you sure that you’ve run the setup (found under the context menu ‘Other SQL Source Control tasks’) on your local machine? If so, then maybe check with support to figure out why you’re not seeing it on the context menu.

    The locking will simply be on your local database, with no relation to other databases linked to the same repo. We considered trying to extend the feature to cover more dedicated use cases, but it just didn’t appear as important as for the shared-mode users, and in some cases can at least be done through the VCS. If we’ve got our prioritization wrong, we’re looking to you and others to set us right.

    For the shared model of development, locking is an important capability – maybe even fundamental, as you say! Dedicated users will also get more than just a few bug fixes out of v4. SQL Source Control 4.0 is the start of the 4.x stream, which will deliver first-class Git connectivity and new platform support. If the 8 3.x releases were anything to go by, there will be plenty more to come.

    Please keep telling us what you need.

    Kind regards,

    Elizabeth Ayer
    (Product Manager, SQL Source Control)
    Elizabeth Ayer
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