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Setting up Log shipping between 2 SQLServer on Internet

zajzaj Posts: 8
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Hello there,

I am trying to setup Log Shipping between two SQL server 2008 database. They are on different network. One is in the datacenter and one is in our office. I installed the RedGate Backup at the datacenter side. Now the stage where I nee dto give a network path. I have placed a Seagate NAS at my office and created a folder called redgate which i gave read,write access. Now when I enter the static IP of the NAS like so, \
edgate i get folder does not exists.
On the datacenter server when i enter this IP in the RUN of windows,it opens the folder window. What am I missing,please help!!



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    you would be able to transfer the transaction logs directly between the two systems. usually the log shipping is made up of three tasks
      generate the log notify the destination destination: copy the log restore the log on the source: maintain space by deleting transaction logs older than 72 hours or .... destination: cleanup the copied transaction logs
    DB mirroring might become a possibility
    You are trying to use the NAS as an intermediary.
    and this will only get you to a point of having the DBs in sync with one being in recovery mode, getting you back on how you would access the data there.

    Reference :
    http://www.experts-exchange.com/questio ... dgate.html
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