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Schema Compare for Oracle - 3.1.2

Command line
Support for new "Ignore length semantics" option
Passwords are no longer displayed in the verbose output

Options are now stored in full, allowing new options to be introduced in the future
"My Defaults" will be reset for any new projects
"Ignore storage" is now "Include: all storage clauses", making way for granular storage options

Schema Compare Engine

Materialized view: UNUSABLE EDITIONS clause
Materialized view: EVALUATE USING clause
Materialized view log: FOR REFRESH clause
Materialized view log: COMMIT SCN option
View: Constraint name supported in read-only subquery restriction

View: EDITIONING keyword
New: "Ignore length semantics" option to ignore BYTE/CHAR differences when comparing CHAR and VARCHAR2 columns

OC-749: Comparing multiple schemas to a scripts folder with "Exclude schema names" option turned on no longer throws an exception
OSC-550: Batch separator now included when scripting type and type body
OSC-556: Improved parsing of subquery restriction clause in views
OSC-558: Fixed parsing of views without column definitions
Storage clause improvements and fixes preparing for upcoming granular storage options
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  • mbruegelmbruegel Posts: 43 Bronze 2
    So in a future release is there planned support for fine-grained storage clause attributes?
    Can you provide any insights on the time frame of when these features might be added?

    As an example in our environment tablespaces are locally managed and we only want to specify tablespace info (and partition info if applicable)
    Attempting to sync the complete storage clause info across instances may be undesirable)
  • Hopefully we'll be doing a release this week with the fine-grained options enabled. These are currently available as a pre-release if you want to try them out.

    The options (so far) are...

    New option: Include compression
    New option: Include extents
    New option: Include INITRANS
    New option: Include lobs
    New option: Include logging
    New option: Include PCTFREE
    New option: Include tablespaces and partitioning
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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