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Need to backup 2005/2008 and restore to SQL2000

GaryCGaryC Posts: 7
edited October 9, 2008 10:28PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

We have a live server which is currently SQL 2000 but we need to use better hardware, so we are going 64-bit. This means a move to SQL 2005 or 2008, but...

...on a monthly schedule we copy databases from live to a data processing server where we update these, and then put them back to live. Using native SQL Backup we cannot get the database from live SQL 2005/8 and put it on our SQL 2000 data processing server. We would prefer not to upgrade the data processing server as it is processing for other live servers which will stay SQL 2000 for now.

Is it possible using Red Gate SQL Backup to take a backup file from SQL 2005/8 and restore to SQL 2000?

I have tried taking a backup from 2005 in Red Gate sql backup and then using command line to restore to 2000 but it did not work.

I have also tried converting the .sqb 2005 backup file to .bak and recovering this to SQL 2000 but this also did not work.

Is it possible?????




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