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Change target database - can't load project anymore

mikedobingmikedobing Posts: 4
edited August 3, 2015 4:29AM in SQL Data Generator

We've had to move our target database for the generated data to another server. Now though when we try and open the existing project it fails to open as the SQL instance cannot be contacted (the original one).

Is here a way of changing the SQL connection in the existing project? It doesn't seem to give an option when it fails to open to change the connection. I don't want to have to rebuild all our rules again just because we've had to move servers.



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    Hi Mike,

    The project file is just an XML file. If you open it in a text editor you'll see there is a ServerName tag a few lines from the top of the file which points at the server. This is from one of my project files -

    What you need to do is to change this to point at the new server and then save the file. Then when you open it up in SQL Data Generator, the project file should work correctly.
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