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SQL Prompt 6 replication objects in suggestions

SQLUser4711SQLUser4711 Posts: 8
edited July 28, 2015 8:26AM in SQL Prompt

is it possible to remove the replication objects from the suggestions or change the order of the suggestions?

Why do want this?
For every table (e.g. dbo.Personnel) in the replication exists a conflict table (conflict_dbo_Personnel). The conflict tables are shown before the original table. In a worst case scenario I have so scroll down more than 50-100 rows to find the table I was looking for. I'm using SQL Prompt version In a previous version of SQL Prompt (6.3?) the conflict tables were not shown at the top.


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi SQLUser4711,

    We've been thinking about moving change tracking tables to the bottom of the suggestions for a similar reason, so I think conflict tables would also be an excellent addition if we implement that. We use UserVoice to help track feature requests so I've opened a new one here - please do add your vote as it helps us when prioritising what to work on next.

    I don't think we've changed the ordering of tables recently, they're still alphabetically ordered so maybe the tables you were using previously came before "conflict"?

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    Hello Aaron,

    I'm using the table alias as search argument. If I'm looking for the table PersonnelContactInformation, I'm only typing PCI. If the complete name PersonnelContactInfo... is used, the table is shown before the conflict table.

    I voted for the feature requests.

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