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Default Dashboard or Auto-Refresh

shadowgkshadowgk Posts: 20
edited July 20, 2015 6:55AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Is it possible to set an Analysis page to auto-fresh (Jump to Present function).

Would like to be able to set a page as a dash board (with a key key metrics) and have it regularly refresh.


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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi shadowgk,

    There is not currently functionality for it to auto-refresh. With the ability to go back in time and customize the window time frame there could be confusion as the 'current' data would either be updating off screen or pulling the focus to the new data constantly. I had a quick look on SQL Monitor forum but did not see a specific suggestion on something like "dashboard mode"; please visit the above site and add your suggestion for others to vote on.

    Kind regards,
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