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We have a scenario with ASP.NET UI in machine M#1, ASP.NET Web API in machine M#2 as few JS calls, Business Layer (middle-tier) WCF in machine M#3 and database in DB Server M#4.

Now to profile the given request for a single scenario, how should we set-up ANTS Performance and Memory profiler in these machines? Please advice.
Also, can we do remote profiling all the 3 - 4 layers for a single use-case from single place?



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    Hi and thanks for your post!

    Regarding your queries, I'm afraid the profiler does not support remote profiling so it is not possible to profile the 3-4 layers from a single place - the profiler does need to be installed on each machine that the process you want to profile is running on.

    You can profile each layer simultaneously by starting a profiling session for each of those .NET application layers and then any calls to the SQL database server will show up in the SQL profiling results for the respective application.

    A few things to note:
    - You can profile web applications on the original port which will restart the IIS instance and let you profile a live site. Alternatively, you could profile on an unused port, but make sure to test the sites on the chosen port numbers and also configure any other applications that communicate with them to use those ports as well.
    - You can only have one profiler connected to a process at one time, so you cannot use both performance & memory profilers on the applications simultaneously, unfortunately.

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