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Ignore UNICODE differences?

mikejansenmikejansen Posts: 3
edited July 14, 2015 9:10AM in SQL Compare 11
I am currently doing a conversion to UNICODE. I wrote a simple .NET app that uses the TSQL parser and converts a scripted database to unicode (basically just changes all non-unicode data types to UNICODE and prefixes all strings with N). Comparing the scripts with WinMerge and doing a cursory examination confirms it works, and I can accomplish the same thing with SQL Compare.

But what I'd like to do is ignore UNICODE differences. As it is I have hundreds of tables and stored procedures to compare one by one to see if any of the differences are something other than UNICODE differences. If I could filter out (ignore) UNICODE differences in data types and string constants, then I would know instantly if the UNICODE version of the database was identical to the non-UNICODE version.

I didn't see this in the Ignore options and was wondering if there is currently a way to accomplish it.
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