Source Control and Large Databases

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we tested RG Source Control about 2 years ago with our DWH implementation.
Due to the large amount of Objects we were not able to check out / checkin the whole database without receiving error messages.

Support was contacted and replied "If your schema is very large, sometimes SQL Source Control just can't allocate enough memory to compare it with the version in source control. It's unusual, but we've had a couple of cases reported to us before."

This prevents us from buying licenses for our developers.

Now my question is: Is there any chance that this issue could be fixed in the meantime

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    Thanks for your post.

    SQL Source Control is an add-in that runs in SQL Server Management Studio so it can only use memory from the pool that SSMS can address, and SSMS is a 32-bit process, so it can only address 2 GB of memory under normal circumstances.

    A possible solution in this case would be to make SSMS Large Address Aware, which would enable the application to pool up to 4 GB of RAM on a 64-bit OS.

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