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Faster upgrades - Parallel Tables

giuliodaligiuliodali Posts: 2
edited July 13, 2015 8:49AM in SQL Compare 11

Is there a way of getting sql compare to run faster by working on tables in parallel? The ideal flow being something like:

1) Compare database

2) Create two batches of steps:
a) Table Scripts - This would be a collection of scripts, one per table. Each would have everything to do with a table (Columns, Indices, Triggers etc) apart from foreign keys.
b) Everything else - This would be one script with everything else. Hence, foreign keys, procs, views etc

3) When applying changes, run them in this order:
a) All table scripts in parallel
b) Then then everything else script, but only when the table scripts have completed.

Doing this would seriously speed up the deployment as we've got CPU and I/O available but not being used.

Is there such an option / workaround which would achieve this? We're currently considering writing a tool based on the API but we just want to check before we invest too much time in this.



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